"Photography is defining what you see and how you see something,

which is not per definition the view of others"

Hello and welcome to my new homepage!
I will share my experiences with you and will write something about how the pictures arose from nothing.
First a little about myself and how it started.
Years ago I started photography with a Sigma SA300, an analog camera. This was a lot of fun after which it became more of an professional hobby and invested in my first digital camera, a Sigma SD10. Reason was easy, I had a handfull of lenses fitting Sigma cameras.
The next one was an SD14, untill it came to the point where tele lenses were hard to get and I switched to Canon.
Starting with a 500D it quickly moved to a 7D, 5Dmk2, 1Dmk2N, 7Dmk2 and last but not least a 1Dx.
Lenses from Sigma 400mm Tele macro, to Canon 100-400 IS USM version I and II as well as a Canon 500mm F4 Is USM.
The last 2 cameras I have been using a lot last couple of years untill I started looking into the mirrorless world.
In my opinion this will the future and therefore I decided to sell some equipment and invested in Olympus equipment.                                  

Therefore currently I use the Olympus E-M1mk2 together with the 40-150 f2.8 pro and 300 f4 pro lenses.

Since august 2017 I also have a 60mm f2.8 macro lens.
After some issues finally in january 2018, a Panasonic Leica 100-400 entered my photography case :-)


I hope you like the pictures shown on this web site or on my facebook site.
Have fun !!

Best regards


LAtest pictures 2017

HBN-7, December 2017

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Olympus and CAnon

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