Harriers and a fox, november 2017

Went to the Königshovener Höhe to , hopefully, see some harriers.
Actually we did. We saw 3 of them, but all far, far away. Some of them being chased by crows.
While waiting and discussing a bit, I saw something walking and thought it was a rabbit. Looked through my calera and it was a fox.
So we made ourselves as small as possible and waited.
The fox was walkign towards us, looking here, smelling something there and came closer and closer, until....... he must have smelled us.
Than he ran away.
It was an amazing experience.
Beautifull animals.

Hope you like the pictures.

Private Foto cabin, october 29th


Sitting in my private fotocabin for the first time.
Everything was mown away and there is a free view, so I hoped to maybe see some birds.
All of a sudden in a small green gras area, I saw something reddish moving around. It was this beautifull m ale pheasant.
My first time in my own private cabin was a succes, at least for me !
The equipment I used was not set-up for this kind of close ups of birds. I used my 300 f4 and a 1.4x TC on my Olympus E-M1mk2, which means I had 840mm available.

Königshovener Höhe, october 15th


Hen Harrier

Krickenbecker Seen, October 1st 2017


Garden macro

Hornets and other insects

Krickenbecker Seen, September 17th 2017


several other birds ....

De Hoge Veluwe, September 2nd, 2017

 Dwarf Sawyer

Photography Hide near Otterlo, Netherlands

Königshovener Höhe, August 20th


Gold Finches

Königshovener Höhe, August 13th 2017

De Wittsee, Leuthe, Germany (section 2/2)

July 30th 2017

This series was made with the Olympus E-M1 mark 2 and the 300mm F4 Pro

De Wittsee, Leuthe, Germany (section 1/2)

July 30th 2017

This series was made with the Olympus E-M1 and the 40-150 F2.8 pro

Konigshovener Höhe, Germany

De Kwaade Hoek, Netherlands