My equipment

Lenscoats have arrived !

I communicated with HuGa and Hubert made me some lenscoats for my 300F4 and my 40-150 f2.8
Great stuff, Thanks Hubert for your support.

Canon Equipment

Olympus Equipment

Next to the 1Dx, which I used with a Canon 500f4 + 1.4xII converter,

I had a Canon 7D mark2 with a Canon 100-400 IS USM version II.


Sold this mid 2017 and completely switched to Olympus.

My olympus system consist of the following

- Camera E-M1 mark 2

- Olympus 300mm F4 pro

- Olympus 40 - 150mm F2.8 pro + 1.4x tele converter

- Olympus 60mm macro f2.8

- Olympus 14 - 42mm F3.5 - 5.6

- Panasonic Leica 100 - 400